Learn with Mom

Learn with Mom

Learn With Mom is a personal Facebook page that started four (4) years ago. This was created because I was amazed by the quotes I read as I was scrolling my personal Facebook profile everyday. One day, when I learned about how to create a Facebook Page, I realized that I can collate all the nice quotes that I like and I can even create designs highlighting the quotes that want to write and post it on my page! So then it was successfully created and the page was shared to friends for them to like it. That was a fulfilling moment for me and  I was happy when my creations were shared or commented. Learn with Mom started from passion and I love what I have been doing since 4 years ago.

This personal page is not just a collection of quotes now. I also post my favorite healthy and DIY (do it yourself) tips that I believe will inspire my friends and likers on Facebook.

As I start my  work at home career, I came across Canva. This online application that I found is  very user-friendly for graphic designing and it awakens my once sleeping passion of creating quotes. It has also free images and templates that you can utilize while you are creating your imagination on what you can do to enhance your image. Canva is not just for quotes images only. You can create resume, fliers, business cards and there are sizes available that suits to what social media platform you care going to post. there is an Instagram layout, Facebook cover, Tumblr, Pinterest, e-books, and a lot more. You can check my Canva tutorial and I can assure you that you will enjoy the basic of Canva and how you can come up with great designs –  How to Use Canva.

So from now on, all the images created by Learn with Mom will be posted here in this website. I will try my new inspiring creations, customized designs, and I want to give credit to the contributors of the photos that I will be using.

Along with the inspiring quotes, I like designing coffee posts. I like the aroma of coffee and I want to highlight my day with a cup of coffee! 🙂 There are more in store for you in my Instagram account. Check it out and start following. You may also leave your comment if you want any suggestion and I will get back to you. Thank you!

Enjoy and May the Gem be with you!










Author: arlene@work

Arlene is from Butuan City, Philippines.

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