Capturing screen shots

snipping tool

My son is a Computer Science student. Everything I need for a rescue with my laptop concerns, he is always there as my personal mentor. Well, why should I look for outside IT support when I have my own, right?

Yes, I have been using computer since a long time ago… but the technicality of applications and any windows features are none of my forte.

Always he said, “Go to Youtube or Google it!” I know I pestered him sometimes, but the mother charisma thing always prevails. He ended up doing stuff for me. And I love the thought of it!

So one day, as I am doing tutorial stuff for my WordPress, he noticed that I was using Print Screen (PrtSc) to capture shots from screen. Then I pasted it in my Powerpoint presentation and crop!

He suddenly worked into my keyboard an searched for Snipping Tool  in my Microsoft windows (this is actually installed in my laptop which I don’t have any idea!) and initiated the screen shot tool. “There, use that to make it quick!”

So today, others who know may laugh at it… but I am proud to say Snipping Tool is now in my task bar for easy access.  Thanks for the rescue, son!

Good luck and may the Gem be with you!


Author: arlene@work

Arlene is from Butuan City, Philippines.

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