How to Use Evernote with TSW

How to use Evernote with The Secret Weapon (TSW) is a detailed tutorial on how to organize emails, notes, images or various files.  You can access Evernote in either desktop, laptop or smartphone. You don’t necessarily need to be online to get into Evernote. Just download Evernote Apps in your computer and any notes that you create will automatically be saved once you are online. Evernote is best recommended if you want a Zero Inbox in your outlook.

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5 Habits for Working from Home Around Kids by Steve Scott

As I explored to upload one of my VA step by step tutorials, I came across this one inspiring freelancer shared by Steve Scott, who is also known as a keynote author and blogger . Very interesting, right?

Self improvement books are among my favorites in the world of reading. I used to buy from book sale, garage, or copy ebooks from friends. These I believe helped me mold into a better person and I get to have a better perspective in life. Thanks for the inputs!

So I am sharing this 5 Habits for Working from Home Around Kids for all Virtual Assistants/Professionals as this may give us more inputs on how to cope with the sweet distractions in our home office.

5 Habits for Working from Home Around Kids

  1. Habits for Working from Home Around Kids 5 @HabitsGuy
  2. The days of commuting to work are numbered and the days of working from home are on the rise.
  3. But children have a hard time understanding that you are working from home.
  4. All they see is a parent at home, who’s job is to feed, change, play, clean up after, and take care of them.
  5. So what do you do? How do you reclaim your work hours while staying in the comfort of your home?
  6. Get Up Early Get up as early as you possibly can, especially before your children wake up.
  7. That quiet time, without children, will become your most effective time of the day.
  8. Having that peace while working will help you focus your creativity into your work and finish up harder tasks.
  9. Use Interruptions as Breaks No matter how well behaved your children are and how hard your spouse works, you will be interrupted.
  10. Instead of ignoring the interruption or treating it like a distraction from your work, treat it like a mental break.
  11. Just remember to keep track of your breaks and return to work after a good amount, like 10-15 minutes.
  12. Act Like You’re Going to Work An effective morning routine helps your brain set up for the work day and gives you time to warm up.
  13. Get up, take a shower, dress professionally, and grab some breakfast and coffee.
  14. That way, you body and mind are expecting a normal work day instead of a lazy weekend in your pajamas.
  15. Take Advantage of Online Tools One of the biggest downsides to working from home is not being able to collaborate with peers.
  16. Luckily, we live in a day of technology filled with ways to fix this problem.
  17. Be part of the conversation with chat programs and collaboration tools. • Run digital meetings from your computer. • Work together on projects in real time.
  18. Create a “Traffic Light” System Hang a sign over your work space that indicates your availability, with different signals representing expected behavior.
  19. This helps communicate your needs with your children without actually needing to talk with them and risk being drawn into longer interruptions.
  20. Separate Work from Home Set a firm time to end your work day, power down the computer and rejoin your family.
  21. Want to stop procrastinating while working at home?

Good luck and may the Gem be with you!

marketing gem_31Dec2015

Capturing screen shots

snipping tool

My son is a Computer Science student. Everything I need for a rescue with my laptop concerns, he is always there as my personal mentor. Well, why should I look for outside IT support when I have my own, right?

Yes, I have been using computer since a long time ago… but the technicality of applications and any windows features are none of my forte.

Always he said, “Go to Youtube or Google it!” I know I pestered him sometimes, but the mother charisma thing always prevails. He ended up doing stuff for me. And I love the thought of it!

So one day, as I am doing tutorial stuff for my WordPress, he noticed that I was using Print Screen (PrtSc) to capture shots from screen. Then I pasted it in my Powerpoint presentation and crop!

He suddenly worked into my keyboard an searched for Snipping Tool  in my Microsoft windows (this is actually installed in my laptop which I don’t have any idea!) and initiated the screen shot tool. “There, use that to make it quick!”

So today, others who know may laugh at it… but I am proud to say Snipping Tool is now in my task bar for easy access.  Thanks for the rescue, son!

Good luck and may the Gem be with you!

My Journey to the Virtual World

A mother who leaves her children to her mom’s care or leaving all four (4) of them at home on their own because she has to work and is based on-site that she gets to see them weekly. That was my life, and in my heart I never wanted that but circumstances put me into that situation.

A mother who leaves her children to her mom’s care or leaving all four (4) of them at home on their own because she has to work and is based on-site that she gets to see them weekly. That’s my life,  and in my heart I never wanted that but circumstances put us into that situation.

Well, it did not stop there.

Being a single parent is not an easy ride. I have to keep my faith and believe that they are all fine while I am away for work. I recall when I was with my previous employer when I come home, all my energy is gone and what I do is just sleep the whole weekend and recharge for the next week’s work. Again and again, for about a decade that became my life. Many times I felt so helpless what if something is wrong with my kids especially with my youngest daughter. She used to be a regular visitor of the hospital.

Needless to say, but I have no regret with my job being in the mining industry as I am fortunate to have been employed compared to others having difficulty landing a permanent job; in fact I am so grateful to be in this industry.

In 2014, another opportunity came. I got an offer to work in an Australian owned mineral exploration company. Considering the increasing needs of my children, their high tuition fees in college, monthly mortgage obligations, and other family concerns, I decided to consider and grab this new work opportunity.

What attracted me also is another dream to come true as I will be wearing my long dreamed suit and office dress, high-heeled shoes, make-up and I will be based in the central business district of Makati!


Now here is the consequence.

My kids are in Butuan, but the job is based in Manila. So I need to book a flight before I can go home and awaiting for airline promotions. Never mind, I told myself. So in one (1) year time now, I only get to see them once a month for a couple of days only.

But never had I realized that my daily work routine going to and leaving office will also be most challenging  of my Makati dream job. It was a complete 360 degrees turn! While I was at the mine site before, we have free accommodation – food, free laundry and my room is close to the mess hall. I can wake up 30 minutes prior to start of my work! What more shall I do but to walk a few steps then BINGO, my office desk is there! But this time I have to walk a mile, and racing with the other employees just to get a seat on a bus at the Makati Ayala Triangle bus stop, getting into LRT jam-packed with people, standing an hour in a long queue at the FX taxi pick up point along Gil Puyat Avenue, and breathing in the scary smokes from all vehicles that pass by me. On my first week, I wanted to back out. I wanted to go back to the province and go back to my previous employer. But all that I wanted were just a wish now because I already resigned and they already found my replacement. Then days turned to weeks, and weeks turned into now a 1-year-old Makati office worker.

September 2015 became my turning point. Couple of circumstances made me want something more. This time not because of money but I wanted to go home, I wanted more meaning in my life and be with my children and my Mama feeling total emptiness being alone and far from them. Yes, I am earning well but I feel like I am an OFW. I work hard for my family but I never get to spend quantity time nor quality time with them. And my dilemma that one day if I will let this pass, it will never be the same again for they will have a life of their own. By then, I guess seldom will it happen that we can gather together, maybe on Christmas or New Year or on my birthday only.

One Friday evening in October, 2015 while I and my long time classmate in high school, Kristina were heading to a meet up place with our other high school batch, she mentioned to me about the classes she enrolled, what it was all about and she mentioned about  WORK AT HOME! That phrase rang a bell and I got interested to dig and ask her about it and how can I start with it.

First she mentioned to me that I should check the YouTube interviews of Jomar Hilario with his successful students and if possible, I will buy his newly launched book the Virtual Career so I can get inputs and ideas about the virtual professional world. I did not waste time, I started playing his YouTube videos and I become more interested deeper and deeper. After reading the book that I ordered online, I decided to enroll with the Date of Freedom webinar.

I am a person who is highly motivated in dealing with all challenges in life, I never quit and I never fear of trying and is always on the go to move on… from working in a corporate world, I can see myself soon as a hands-on mom to my grown-up kids and a home based virtual professional. I strongly believe in the Law of Attraction… and here comes the reply of the universe. This virtual career, a detour from my corporate career life is one exciting journey to take.

So to those who are having the same dilemma, working like an OFW even if based in the Philippines, now is the time to contemplate on your life. Is your current situation really the life you have been dreaming? You get married to have a family and be with family, but you are working far from family! Are you contented with that? For me, I need to put an end of this agony. I need my freedom. I need a life surrounded by my loved ones.

So now I have decided. And now I am working with my assignments from Date with Freedom. I know one day soon, I will be able to achieve my dreams. And that is to be a hands-on mother having the freedom of earning at home and enjoying the crowd of her loved ones!

Good luck and may the Gem be with you!